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Hello and welcome to my cartoons and drawings website! Do take a peek at my work - you can buy prints and books or even commission me to create a bespoke drawing for you.

I love drawing - I love trying to capture the essence of something in just a few lines in ink, and then adding a splash of colour.

I live and work in Oxfordshire, in the UK, and have posted below some of my drawings of the fabulous and historic university city of Oxford. I have been commissioned to design Christmas cards for some of the Oxford colleges and also leaving cards for colleagues, and I've put a few of these designs below (with brief explanations that hopefully allow you to make sense of them!)

I also enjoy re-interpreting some of the most famous paintings in the world, in my own style and copying them free hand - just for fun!

I first started by filling sketchbooks with humorous ideas, mostly simple line drawings with a quirky take on the world. I will be making these into e-books and you will be able to buy them as kindle editions - coming soon!

Also, check out my 'Inky Outlines' YouTube channel where I'll be adding more time-lapse films of 'drawings-in-the-making', sketchbook tours and a few miscellaneous 'whimsical' items.

I hope you like my work, and thanks a lot for dropping by!

(attempt at arty self-portrait)

Tim Kirtley




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The Kings Arms Pub
Browns Cafe in the Covered Market
Oxford Tutorial I
Oxford Tutorial II
The main reading room of St Hilda's College Library
Professor's Study
The Clarendon Building and Broad Street
The Ashmolean Library (which no longer exists)


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After Renoir, Bal du Moulin de la Galette (1876)
After Gericault, The Raft of the Medusa (1819)
After Leonardo, The Last Supper (1490s)
Sketch after Rembrandt, The Night Watch (1642)
After Jan Van Eyck, The Arnolfini Portrait (1434)
After Renoir, The Umbrellas (1886)
After Gainsborough, Portrait of Mr and Mrs Andrews (c.1750)
After Titian, Bacchus and Ariadne (1523)


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Wadham College Christmas card 2013<br>The statues of the college founders, Nicholas and Dorothy Wadham, climb <br>down from their pedestals and have a snowball fight with King James I and Santa
Wadham College Christmas card 2015<br>Various members of the college join the Christmas choir conducted by Santa
Wadham College Christmas card 2017<br>Christmas celebrations at High Table, with the college dog in close attendance
Oriel College Christmas card 2015<br>Sir Walter Raleigh was a former student of the college
St Hilda's College Christmas card 2015<br>The unicorn, ammonite and starfish all feature in the college's coat of arms
Leaving card for Wendy the Chaplain<br> Wendy would bring her gorgeous dog Jonah into the Library to help de-stress the students
<i>Brian and Dorothy</i><br> Law fellow Brian asks College founder Dorothy Wadham's statue to dance
Leaving card design, after William Powell Frith


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One Man Band
The Big Draw
City Tours
Domestic Bliss
Riot Act
The Radcliffe Camera
If you can't beat them
The Magnificent Seven



Check out my Inky Outlines YouTube channel!

I have posted up a couple of films so far:

A Christmas card design (6 minutes)

Commuters (50 seconds)



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The Oxford Art Book
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This is a collection of works by lots of different artists - I contributed two pictures

Sweet Slices of History
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This is a historical recipe book for which I provided several line drawings.


You can order A4 or A3 size full-colour high-resolution prints of any of the images featured on my website. They are printed on acid-free textured art paper, and are hand-signed. Posted flat in protective packaging. Please note I do not provide frames or mounts. The image below is for illustrative purposes only!

A4 (21 x 29cm): £25

A3 (29 x 42cm) : £50

Just drop me an email specifying the image you would like. Don't forget to include your name and address (and whether you would like A3 or A4)!

(for illustration only - frame/mount not supplied)


Just a random selection of recent pastel pictures!



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